Can I Mix Salt Nic With Regular Juice

Vaping has turned into a well-known option in contrast to customary smoking. With a wide cluster of e-fluid choices accessible to take special care of every individual’s inclinations. Among the decisions are nicotine salt (nic salt) e-fluids and standard nicotine e-fluids.

Yet, consider the possibility that you need to mix the two. Can I mix salt nic with regular juice? In this article, we’ll delve into the details of combining these different types of e-liquids and explore the benefits. Safety considerations, mixing process, and the results of such a concoction.

Can I Mix Salt Nic With Regular Juice?

Yes, it is possible to mix salt nic with regular e-juice. Mixing these two types of nicotine can create a unique vaping experience that combines the quick absorption of salt nic with the stronger throat hit of freebase nicotine.

Salt Nicotine (Nic Salt)

Nicotine salts are a specific type of nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves. This form of nicotine provides a smoother throat hit. Nicotine absorbed more into the bloodstream than the traditional freebase nicotine. Salt nic e-fluids are accessible in higher nicotine focuses. Making them a fantastic decision for people who need a fast nicotine fix without cruelty.

Standard Nicotine Squeeze

This is the more normal type of nicotine utilized in e-fluids, alluded to as freebase nicotine. It’s known for its more grounded throat hit and is tracked down in an extensive variety of nicotine focuses, from low to high.

Mixing Process

Now, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of mixing salt nic with regular juice:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: You’ll need bottles of salt nic and regular juice, as well as an empty e-liquid bottle for the mixture. Make sure all bottles are clean and labeled.
  2. Decide Nicotine Strength: Compute the ideal nicotine strength of your last combination. For instance, on the off chance that you have a 30ml jug of salt nic with 50mg/ml nicotine fixation and a 30ml container of standard juice with 3mg/ml nicotine focus. You can go for the gold/ml nicotine strength.
  3. Measure and Blend: Utilizing a needle or pipette, measure the ideal measure of salt nic and customary juice into the unfilled e-fluid jug. In our example, you would mix 5ml of salt nic (50mg/ml) with 25ml of regular juice (3mg/ml).
  4. Shake and Steep: Seal the bottle and shake it to ensure thorough mixing. Afterward, allow the mixture to steep for a day or two, shaking it. This helps the flavors blend.
  5. Test and Adjust: After steeping, test your creation to ensure. It meets your expectations of flavor and nicotine strength. If necessary, adjust the ratio in your next batch.

Benefits Of Mixing Salt Nic With Regular Juice

Now that we have a grasp of the differences, let’s explore the potential benefits of mixing salt nic with regular juice:

  • Customized Nicotine Strength: One of the primary advantages of mixing the two is the ability to customize your nicotine strength. Some vapers may prefer the smoother hit of salt nic but find the available nicotine concentrations too high. By blending it with regular juice of lower nicotine concentration, you can create a nicotine level that suits your preference.
  • Balanced Flavor and Throat Hit: Regular nicotine e-liquids often offer a more robust flavor. While salt nic provides a milder throat hit. By joining them, you can find some kind of harmony between flavor and throat hit. Upgrading yours by and large vaping experience.
  • Cost-Proficiency: On the off chance that you have extra e-fluids of the two sorts. You don’t have any desire to squander them, blending them can be a savvy arrangement. It permits you to use your current supplies without buying new containers.


The results of mixing salt nic with regular juice can be quite satisfying. Vapers who seek a balanced vaping experience, customized nicotine strengths. Or wish to use up their existing e-liquid supplies can find this practice beneficial. By following the safety guidelines and experimenting with different flavor combinations. You can create a unique vaping experience tailored to your preferences.

Personal Experience

As someone who does not partake in vaping, I have gained insights from observing others around me who do. I’ve noticed that vapers appreciate the ability to customize their experience, a key factor that encourages the practice of mixing salt nic with regular juice. The personalization of nicotine strength and the potential for cost savings seem to outweigh the drawbacks for many.

Despite the risks of nicotine overdose and the potential for altering the flavor profile or damaging coils, careful individuals meticulously calculate their measurements to optimize their vaping experience. As an observer, it’s clear that the world of vaping offers a unique blend of science and art, where personal preferences and technical knowledge converge.

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Do You Mix Nic Salts With Liquid

The decision to mix nic salts with liquid largely comes down to personal preference.

Many vapers do mix nic salts with regular e-liquids to customize their vaping experience. This practice allows them to enjoy the benefits of both salt nic. Regular juice while achieving their desired nicotine strength and flavor profile.

What Happens If You Put Salt Nic In A Regular Vape?

Putting salt nic in a regular vape is generally safe, but it may result in a milder throat hit and faster nicotine absorption. If you’re accustomed to the throat hit of regular e-liquids, using salt nic in a regular vape may feel smoother. Yet, always be cautious about the nicotine concentration and adjust it to your preference.


The practice of mixing salt nic with regular juice can be a rewarding try for vapers looking to customize their vaping experience. By understanding the differences between these two types of e-liquids, consider the benefits. Can I mix salt nic with regular juice? Adhering to safety guidelines, and following the proper mixing process. You can create a unique blend that suits your preferences. Whether you seek a smoother throat hit, balanced flavor, or cost efficiency. Experimenting with mixed e-liquids can enhance your vaping journey.

Remember to approach this practice with caution. Especially when adjusting nicotine concentrations, and always rank safety. By doing so, you can enjoy a customized vaping experience. That caters to your specific tastes and preferences.



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